I've been Seoul for 3 days now and so far it's been a blast. Here's a little update on my journey from the first day. I took a flight from Seattle to San Francisco to catch the flight to Seoul. I met with my sister and my other friend so we could fly together. After a 12 hours or so of plane ride, we finally landed in Incheon International Airport. We made our way to the hotel and decided to took a quick night stroll around the area where we are staying. The weather was perfect and there's still a lot of people outside, probably because it's the weekend. We made our way towards the Seoul gate, or also known as Sungnyemun (남대문), since it's close to our hotel. And then, we bought friend chicken on our way back and decided to have supper in our hotel room. That's pretty much my first night in Seoul. IMG_9683

Seoul Gate


Fried Chicken Place

IMG_9693 IMG_9711Our Supper