Monday Madness

I went to Wing Dome for their Monday Madness weekly specials with a couple of friends. We haven't hung out for a while so, yesterday we decided to go get dinner together. This is my second time visiting the place but I don't really remember what I ate the first time I came. I found out that they've renovated the place since I've been here last and the space looks more open and spacious. I trusted my friends with the orders since they seemed to have been here numerous times. We ordered a full portion of the Waffle Cut Fries and 5lbs of their cut wings with 5 different sauces— the Western BBQ, Triple Garlic (which is my favorite), Thai Sweet Chili (second favorite), Buffalo Juice, and the Hot Wings. A quick snapshot with my phone below before we dug in with our hands.


Triple Garlic (Bottom) & Hot Wings (Top)8343bfc8b13e11e2a64d22000a9f1590_7


Spending my Monday night with good company and good food is not bad at all for the start of the week.