First Night in Seoul

Our first night in Seoul is a pretty short one. After a 12 hours plane ride (see this post for my recap video), we took a taxi to our hotel and settled in while waiting for my other 2 friends to join us (they took a different flight from Asia). We stayed at Hotel Manu that we found from Agoda website. Since it’s a fairly new hotel, we decided to give it a try. Plus it looks good from all the photos that we look online. The hotel didn’t disappoint. The room that we got looks exactly like the images that we saw and it’s neat and clean. The location is also very convenient. There are restaurants and convenience market nearby and its only about 3 min walk to the subway station entrance (Seoul Station exit 8).

One thing that we weren’t expecting was this: I was trying to figure out how to turn on the air conditioner in the room, but I can’t figure it out since all the instructions is in Korean. So I called the front desk and asked if they could help me turn on the AC in the room, and the response that I got was: “I’m sorry, but this is not the season for air conditioner yet. Only heater is working. Please open your windows.” That was my first time hearing this kind of response, so me and my friends burst into laughter after I hung up the phone. Luckily, the weather is pretty cool and breezy at night so after opening the windows to let some cool fresh air came in, problem solved. Here are a few snapshots of where we stayed for the whole duration of our trip.


After we rest for a bit, we decided to took a short night stroll around the area. The weather was perfect. We walked towards the Seoul gate and grab some food on our way back. That’s pretty much first the first night.